HEADLINER:Check out our new marquee headlines! Little update to the site, and more! Just below!

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1/10/2018:We were indexed(by Daniels Network) 1/11/2018:Music on the index entrance page 1/12/2018:Example-you're not supposed to really see this, but that's okay.

This is the news page.

You'll discover any news there is relavent to this project here.

Lots of new features. 1/12/2018

LOTS OF THINGS TO LIST OFF! First, we've gotten into the Station Square Webring, which is ran by tomotakino55, so if you're reading this, I thank you for including us in your growing webring. Now, for the metric load of marquee. Between center and marquee, I don't know what I like more! Anyways, you get headlines fast, so that should be good. Now, onto some jucier stuff. Some of the HTML has been reorganized, to make it easier for editing. Finally, badges. Remember that old meme? The 88x31 banners? Well Pump has some buttons in that exact format, just for you! (Also, if you're wondering where those memes came from now you know. THE MORE YOU KNOW~) Anyways, yesterday was my birthdate, this is why the previous update doesn't quiet have as much content as the other. Anyways, for now, goodbye.

The enter page now has music. 1/11/2018

In quite possibly the smallest update we'll ever do, the enter page created as a landing page for those who stumble upon our site via a webring or now has music, coming from this Youtube video. If you are reading this and you would like to be credited on the main page or have the audio removed, please contact us at (Morgan Von Thaden's email.)

We were indexed! 1/10/2018

We got indexed today, at around 12:30 AM PT on . This is a relatively big deal because that search engine, unlike other search engines, is curated and only specific websites can go through, and while we did have the biggest chance, it still feels like an accomplishment. While we wait for Hyperlink, Station Square's and Our Space(Webring) to let us in, we feel at ease knowing that at least we can drum up some attention to our cause through Daniel's Network.

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